In beautiful Penobscot Bay, 14 miles east of Rockland, Maine, lie the Fox Islands, the largest of which is Vinalhaven.

Vinalhaven - Maine Island Memories 1950 - 1990 is an affectionate display for all who know or might ever know the island of Vinalhaven.

What began long ago with M. M. Cheney's personal search for beauty on film and canvas was followed by my desire to preserve and present those images.

Beginning with my mother's large collection of island photographs and paintings, I, Sally Thibault (the professional name of Sarah Margaret Longden) created an image essay on the spirit and soul of the island of Vinalhaven. It is a trip through time, remembering the people, their work, their fun, their place as it was from 1950 to 1990.

The original show was first presented in 1987 with 2 projectors, a dissolve, music and poetry. Selected photos and a short story on that show were published in the Maine Island Institute's annual magazine 2000.

My work is strongly influenced by my love of nature. I am a student and practitioner of the lettering arts and the crafting of handmade books. Each book, each work of art created becomes an extension of my belief in good craftsmanship and the world of beauty around me. My ongoing study of natural history, drawing, painting, lettering, and photography are important elements in my creative projects.